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Tax Compliance

Tax compliance does not have to be a burden. Our team ensures that you comply with your tax obligations so that you can focus more…

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Busy african manager working on financial reports checking statistics graphs, typing on laptop sitting at desk late at night in start-up office doing overtime to respect deadline of financial project
General Compliance Tax

New company registration – application of Tax Account Number, VAT and PAYE registrations.
Individual TAN application…

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Tax Advisory

In a fast-paced global economy with ever-tightening regulations, we believe careful and sound tax planning is key for business…

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Business Tax

Preparation and submission of corporate income tax returns. This includes calculations in respect of underlying tax and withholding tax…

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Tax Litigation

We understand that an enquiry by or dispute with the MRA can be stressful and time-consuming for our clients. We also respect the MRA’s rights…

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Personal Tax

Preparation and submission of individual tax returns.
Preparation and submission of Current Payment System returns…

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About us

At TaX advisory XpertOS africa LLP, we recognize the value of our customers’ local and offshore investments.
Thus, we accompany them around the world and sail with them the increasingly complex tax waters.

TaX advisory XpertOS africa LLP was established to provide professional and cost-effective tax services to clients ranging from high net worth individuals residing in Senegal to multinationals with a footprint in Senega

TaX advisory XpertOS africa LLP is the only Chartered Institute of Taxation, United Kingdom (“CIOT”) accredited tax consulting firm in Senegal and registered as a tax consulting firm only.
As a member of the CIOT, we are committed to the highest ethical standards.

The diversity of our skills, experience and technical knowledge, whether in Senegal or abroad, allows us to offer efficient, sustainable and compliant tax solutions to our customers in all industries.
We believe in the excellence of our customer service, which is based on our technical capabilities, proactive attitude and professionalism.

Our strategy, vision and mission are centered on our values of expertise, trust and quality.

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  • We understand our customers’ business
  • We aim to anticipate your tax needs
  • We are committed to supporting our customers in their growth


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